Julien Kelly

Julien Kelly is a twenty two year old photographer living and working in Los Angeles. Kelly attended California College of the Arts in Oakland, California, before moving back to his native home of Los Angeles. While at CCA, Kelly became fascinated with the dual nature of the night. The transformation of ubiquitous athanasia into startling mortality is a key fascination for Kelly and is something he dissects through his images and their juxtaposition in his series “A Social Death by Proximity”. Since leaving the Bay, Kelly has translated his fascination for dual nature into the day and has applied it to the American idea of summer in his project titled “Baby, It's A Heatwave.” Kelly's work is bright, colorful and highly inspired by the snapshot aesthetics of Stephen Shore and Nan Goldin, often containing bursts of flash to illuminate what may have otherwise gone undiscovered. Flash adds an element of clarity to Kelly's work but equally, Kelly uses it as a tool for abstraction and decontextualization. The personification of objects is a consistent theme throughout Kelly's work and gives the viewer a glimpse into the subjective interpretations and connotations of an object and its aura. 

Email - julien@cca.edu

Phone - (310) 383-1919